Employee Cell Phone plans for Small Business in Ottawa

If you’re an owner or IT manager of a small business in Ottawa then Message Centre Wireless has the perfect cell phone deals for you and your labor force! Our company is a registered Telus Mobility sales and service distributor that specializes in getting you the best cell phone plans for business available in the highly competitive wireless market. Message Centre Wireless offers cell phone plans for business that save you time while also providing impervious convenience in the process. One of the major perks to having discounted employee cell phone plans with our company is that we offer in-house repairs on nearly all Telus Mobility wireless products. You may contact us for more information during our office hours Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Rideau Canal Ottawa Ontario

Like I said previously our company is all about providing convenience to all of our existing and future customers. If you wish to speak with an expert after business hours we have a 24/7 sales and service hotline to assist you at your convenience. What attracts customers to employee cell phone plans for Small Businesses in Ottawa is our guarantee that should anything go wrong with your mobile devices, we’ll provide your team with loaner equipment. This method insures that business continues as usual and you don’t lose wireless connectivity, communications amongst your staff or worse loss of revenue. Our expertise extends beyond providing substantial reductions on employee cell phone plans. We will service and maintain your existing antennas and amplifiers to improve wireless coverage in the building or install new systems altogether. At Message Centre Wireless we enjoy helping fellow business owners and IT Managers cut monthly costs by getting them the best cell phone deals.

 Talk to an expert today to receive the cell phone deals you’re entitled to today! I invite you to take advantage of employee cell phone plans for small business so you can start saving. Don’t wait give us a call today for a FREE quote on how you can save money in your business budget each month through Message Centre Wireless. All of our discounted cell phone deals and maintenance services come with satisfaction guaranteed! Get started today by calling (613) 238-2337!

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Discount for Hospital & Nursing Association Employees in Ottawa

Do you want the best discounted cell phone deals available to Ottawa Hospital and Nursing Association Employees? At Message Centre Wireless we have exclusive contracts with Telus to distribute and service all of their products at a substantially reduced rate to all workers in Ottawa Hospitals and Nursing associations. If you work at CHEO, Monfort Hospital, the Ottawa Hospital, the National Defence Medical Centre or the Queensway-Carleton Hospital you are eligible to receive considerable reductions through employee cell phone deals. People belonging to the Ontario Nurses Association, Canadian Nurses Association or locally to the Gerontological Nursing Association of Ontario or the Ottawa Regional Operating Room Nurses Association are all welcome to take advantage of employee cell phone deals!

Cheo-ottawaRemember, if you like to save money on your monthly budget then we have discount for Hospitals and Nursing Associations you can’t refuse! In the case that you’re involved in Ottawa Hospital operations at one of these facilities, Message Wireless Centre can service your Telus Wireless products or install antennas and amplifiers to improve communication coverage. If there’s every any problem with Telus products distributed by our company or Telus, we offer in-house repairs for nearly every product. What makes us convenient is that in the case there is a problem with your company phones, we will immediately equip your work force with loaner phones to keep the communication network active in the mean time. You can sign up for cell phone deals through Message Centre Wireless during office hours Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, but our services extended to through our 24/7 hotline.

For more information on how to get discount cell phone plans, contact Message Centre Wireless at 613-238-2337 for a FREE consultation. Talk to an expert about getting the best cell phone deals in the Ottawa health care industry. When you call in tell us what you think about our program that’s designed to reduce monthly mobile phone expenses for Ottawa nurses and Hospital employees. Join now and start saving monthly today!

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Discount for School Board Employees in Ottawa

Are you searching for the most affordable cell phone deals for school employees in Ottawa? Message Centre Wireless has discounted plans that are customized to accommodate all of the district school boards in the Ottawa region. These accommodations are available exclusively to The Ottawa Catholic School Board and The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board employees respectively.  At Message Centre Wireless we offer substantial discounted rates through Telus Mobility. Our company has exclusive contracts with Telus to solicit and service their products at discounted rates for very specific Government employees. So if you like saving money on your monthly mobile phone expenses and you want employee cell phone deals, then this is a viable option for you! The best employee cell phone deals available to District School Board staff can be found here at Message Centre Wireless.

We also offer in-house, same day repair and trouble shooting to our valued clients. In the case that there’s a problem with your staff’s equipment, Message Centre Wireless guarantees loaner phones so you will never have to deal with the absence of mobile communications in your operations. If you wish to improve the reception and coverage in your building we also cover new installation of antennas and amplifiers in addition to modifying current systems so they operate more effectively. Aside from providing discounted employee cell phone deals to The Ottawa Catholic School Board and The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Message Centre Wireless also serves the business to business market. We’ve been chosen by some of the largest businesses that operate in Ontario. To get cell phone deals on conventional Telus Mobility monthly plans give us a call, we answer.

If you want better cell phone deals in Ottawa and you work for the District school boards talk to an expert for a free consultation! Call out 24/7 sales and service hotline and you will start to talk, text and surf the net for less! Sign up today and receive the Telus plan discount that you deserve. Get started today with Message Centre Wireless and receive a reduced monthly rate and in-house repairs on all products.

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Compare Cell Phone Plans in Ottawa

Message Centre Wireless in Ottawa ON
1333 Michael Street, Gloucester, ON K1B 3M9
Phone: (613) 238-2337

Telus cell phone plans ottawa on

If your looking for the best cell phone plans in Ottawa you’ve come to the right place. Whether your looking to buy a new phone, or upgrade your existing phone, the local Message Centre Wireless experts can help you find great cell phone deals to fit your needs and your budget.  Learn why so many people looking for cell phone plans in Ottawa decide to speak with us by calling  by by calling (613)-238-2337. If you have questions about how to upgrade your phone, its easy, just watch the Telus Video below.

Cell Phone Plans in Ottawa – Free Skin with each new activation!

For a limited time, Message Centre Wireless is offering a free cell phone skin with each new cell phone plan activation. This deal is limited to our Telus store in Ottawa. In addition to giving you great deals and free bonuses our specialists can help you choose the right mix of minutes, features and more from our wide range of affordable plans.

We want you to find the best price possible and provide you with excellent service. Don’t get stuck paying more than you have to. We can help you avoid the big mistakes that could end up costing you more.  But whatever you do, don’t buy a new cell phone plan until you check with a Message Centre Wireless representative about deals to save you cash! Get your next cell phone from the Ottawa cell phone experts. We have been servicing Ottawa for over 40 years and are consistently ranked on Google as the top service provider out of all the TELUS stores in Ottawa. Discover why so many smart Ottawa cell phone lovers choose Message Centre to find deals on cell phone plans

Ottawa Cell Phone Plans and Products

Get the best Cell Phone Plans fast

To meet with Ottawa’s top ranked cell phone dealer, Message Centre Wireless, visit the store at 1333 Michael St., Ottawa ON.  You can also talk with a rep about new cell phone plan deals by calling (613)-238-2337.

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Cell Phone Repair Ottawa

Message Centre Wireless Ottawa ONCell phone repair ottawa
1333 Michael Street, Gloucester, ON K1B 3M9
Phone: (613) 238-2337

Message Centre Wireless provides Ottawa ON customers with top quality cell phone repair services. Our staff specializes in blackberry repair, iPhone repair, and mobile phone repair services.Message Centre Wireless has become Ottawa ON’s leading mobile phone store. Our excellent customers service staff looks forward to service you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (613) 238-2337

  • Its a big issue when you need cellphone repair.
  • We know what to do, Your cellphone will be fixed
  • Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered
  • Come visit our store.

Message Centre Wireless
1333 Michael Street, Gloucester, ON K1B 3M9
(613) 238-2337


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